On the daily I've been trying more and more, to sit down and push out at least 3 to 6 hours worth of creative doings. I'm not employed at the moment. So thus is my employment. As well with the return of money dollars into my life, I have finally been able to rekindle my moped work (keep your eye out for that blog from me as well, if your interested.). Unfortunately, due to my hands, and their even developing stiffness. It has taken me a little longer than I had expected to warm back into the actual wrench work. It hurts, and it's getting colder now. So I've got to take it slow, and really focus on doing things in a fashion that doesn't cause me to much pain or in reality exceed my legal limitations, for working. Not because I'm "afraid" of people taking photos of me doing stuff around the house to rouse my case up. Or even of the fact of hurting myself, because I do NOT wish to do damage to the work that has taken place, with my hands. They already suffer enough naturally on a daily basis, and with the ever increasing rapidity of my current Md. taper. If i don't mind it, and keep a close eye on the amount of use they're getting, I tend to wind up riddled with pain and engulfed by it for weeks at a time. Not really being able to do much at all. So I've learned my physical boundaries when it comes to work, and I'm hoping that some friends will at least some day present themselves to aid me in my quests'. Although I'm sure I have a few who would like to help already, life is life, and that's just not the way it has gone so far. Hopefully someone, will come along who is willing to help me out with some stuff, hopefully having some knowledge of their own. I truly wish to find some one who is willing to aid me freely, yet that knows MORE than I do about everything that interests me. An epic teacher of all things, whom is also a loyal companion. To bad I wasn't born somewhere people still live the old way. Yet, I'm not ungrateful for my family, I love them dearly, and I am not ungrateful for my childhood. It made me who I am, and it was in know way, generally unpleasant. In fact as I look back now, in comparison to a lot of the people whom I have known over the last 10 years. My childhood was in the very least, a learning experience, and isn't that what childhood is for? I think so. Good or bad, hard or east, passing in flashes, or grinding by in never ending arcs of life and loss and woe and glory. So as time goes on, I will continue to move myself onward in the path of getting my plans all online and moving forward. I'm just hoping my hands pull through it with strength. I'll need them, and I'm going to have to figure out all over again what my hands can and can't do with ease. Life is a trial, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I enjoy the challenge and my experiences have solidified me into the sk.person I have become. Cementing my traits into permanancy, truth and concrete, what more could I a