everything Is coming along nicely in my life at the moment. All of my affairs are progressing properly, and perfectly. I am happy in general, and My real friends are showing their faces once again, and the true colors are being painted.. I'm happy about this. I don't want to deal with #fakeassfriends any more.. Ps: I've decided to also use this blog as my photography blog, as well as my writing blog, therefor and thus converting this blog, into my photo journalism blog. Albeit any photojournalism I may do and or participate in. Will be strictly amateur and basically for my own enjoyment, as well as practice. it would be awesome to get paid for it one day, but at the moment it's just another hobby :D thanks anyhow..
gotta love her.. 1. retrieve weed 2. get to work 3. after getting stoned 4. photo-editron