So far

My trip south has been a good one. The doctor visit could have gone better, but at the same time it went well. For it indeed was very eye opening. I am not one to openly condemn or speak my prudence. Yet, I will say this, the California workman's compensation insurance fund, should burn, along with very lobbyist and hand holding comp. insurance defense attorneys. Fire and Blood, for every last one. 

Albeit though doctors, and lawyers, and insurance reps, oh my!  Have been kicking down, down, down my door, to make me jump through hoops to no avail for the last 5 years. I shan't let that get me day. I got to walk on the beach, submerge my toes in salt and sand, and hear the crish crash of waves inside my head, a sound i'd almost forgotten, and desperately needed to hear again. You have no idea the quenching of spirit i felt when my feet buried in the sand as the water washed back away. I hole was filled. If mot fully, at least for a time.

As importantly, friendship. True friendship. Showed its face for once, and i have been grateful for nothing more than that in some time. I love the ones i dare call brother, for the blood runneth thicker than the water, and my blood is thick. My true brother shan't be shamed by one as such, and sill not be by mine own hand or heart. Only the truest of friend might i call brother, a title to be cherished, yet that is sadly thrown in the dirt more often than not. 

Either way, it has been a good day. And now i will sleep a peaceful sleep. Much needed.